San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds


When I first flew over the salt ponds in the San Francisco Bay, I didn’t have any idea what I was looking at. With these photos, I seek to give the viewer that same experience of wonder.

An aerial view provides a new way of looking at familiar sites. A field, pond, or building you pass every day becomes an unfamiliar shape on a broader canvas when seen from the sky. Trees become a forest; lakes, a string of pearls. But discovering a new site from the aerial view reverses this process, allowing you to see art first. Although all images were taken with the camera pointed straight down, I intentionally chose subjects that would bend your perspective.

Even more enjoyable than discovering these natural wonders has been watching people discover them through my photographs. Viewers’ expressions as they try to make sense of what they’re seeing is a study in evolving perspectives. Is this a painting or a photograph? Is it a vertical slice or earth and sky or an aerial photo?Howcan it be an aerial photo? What am I looking at? Each image sparks curiosity, confusion, and finally revelation. Your mind becomes the artist, resolving the picture into a variety of forms. I invite you to marvel at your own creative process as you view these photographs.